In today's digital age, social media is a powerful tool for companies and individuals to establish credibility and thought leadership. But it takes more than just regular posting to stand out. While social networks bring us closer to people and create new trends, finding your unique perspective is the key to building a strong brand.

TIP: Today what generates leadership and positioning is not the information, but the relevant personal opinion and perspective that you can give about it.

We share 5 steps to find your space of differentiation.

  1. Understand your target audience: Knowing who you are trying to reach is crucial, and just as important is knowing who you are reaching today. This gap will give you a clear map of what you should/need to adjust in terms of messages, formats, channels, etc.
  2. Define what you want to communicate: When you have a matrix of key messages and you know the customer journey of your leads, you can focus on the critical areas that you must address first.
  3. Consistency is key: Consistency is much more than the frequency of publication, consistency seeks to have a clear line of messages, your own style and a regularity in content that will make your followers know what they can expect from you.
  4. Interact with your audience: Social networks are not a traditional classroom, they are two-way channels in which people listen to what we have to say but also give their opinions and challenge our thinking. Listening to your audience and being part of the conversation is a very effective way to demonstrate your experience and way of thinking.
  5. Share user-generated content (UGC): This type of content created by your audience, such as reviews, testimonials, etc., is key as it shows that your customers value your brand and trust your products or services, reinforcing credibility, track record, and experience. that positions you as a leader.

EXTRA TIP: Another interesting action is to collaborate with influencers in your industry, with which your content will have a better reach. The key is to find profiles that are compatible with your vision, your values and your target audience.

In conclusion, building thought leadership and establishing brand credibility through social media requires a strategic approach. From Scalto, our Compelling Story module of the ScaleX program can help you consolidate a consistent brand and a good story to tell, key tools to leverage your company's growth through branding and communications.

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