Estating is a platform that enables people to invest in real estate through RELINCS on fractional basis, just like they would with regular investments. The platform's main challenge was to conquer the US and Latam market attracting investors and financial advisors

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Core value Offering Workshop

We conducted a workshop aimed at developing Estating's value proposition for entering the US and Latino markets. Our objective was to refine Estating's brand and communication strategie in order to establish meaningful connections with investor and financial advisors.

During the workshop, we identified key objectives, audiences, and messaging that formed a robust, cohesive value proposition for Estating in the new markets. Our focus was on ensuring that the value proposition was consistent and aligned with the company's overall goals and brand identity.

Marketing Engine

We partnered with the Estating team across their London, Switzerland, and Miami offices to establish and execute effective communication strategies that would articulate their value proposition in new markets. Our methodology encompassed identifying both strategic and tactical initiatives to enable their expansion through the production of superior content and positioning of key thought leaders.

Our team created social media channels and implemented the prescribed tactics, resulting in substantial organic growth, and bolstered the company's visibility among the targeted audience. Additionally, we spearheaded the email marketing strategy, achieving a 10% increase in the open rate.


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