FlexFunds partners with asset managers across the globe to provide administration services for exchange traded products and corporate business services. The company had the need to extend the communication to reach investors and asset managers.

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As part of our outsourced marketing department engagement, we were involved in the initial strategic planning phase defining a strategy and all communications materials needed to execute it, including design and content development. The objective was to provide all communications materials to make sure they connect and engage the company’s target, which is financial advisors and wealth managers around the world.


A digital strategy was also developed to enable FlexFunds to connect and educate audiences through social media and Email Marketing. We established in collaboration with our client the objectives of the channels selected, the audiences and the style of messages that would lead the organization to expand its reach. Recommendations were also made to promote the content, adapted to the needs and capacities of the organization as well as to best practices.


We helped our client with the execution of events all around the globe. The idea was to show the Flexfunds solution to local asset managers in countries like Chile, Brasil, Dubai, Madrid, Mexico, Panama, Singapore and united states.


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