Leveraging more than 30 years of proven success while focusing primarily in the Latin American region to fuel its growth, Insigneo is a result of the integration of several companies – Global Investor Services, HB Asset Management, Alpha Capital, Hencorp Wealth Advisors, and the recently acquired Northeast Securities, all coming together under a new brand and corporate image.

We created this new disruptive brand, which would reflect the company’s desire to redefine financial services in Latin America, and to be a catalyst for prosperity for its customers. The company offers a large portfolio of specialized and differentiated products.

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Comminttend with Latin America like no other investment firm - Insigneo Scalto's client


In the initial stage of the process, we conducted an assessment to gain a comprehensive understanding of Insigneo’s current situation and business objectives. We identified the gaps that needed to be addressed in order to enhance their Scallability Score, which was a key metric to measure their potential for growth.


During this module, we worked with insigneo to establish a clear mission, vision, and ambition. This resulted in a unique value proposition and brand strategy that set them apart from their competition and effectively resonated with their target audiences. Additionally, we established a prioritization of objectives based on milestones, which provided a clear overview of the organization's long-term goals.


Based on our strategic definitions, we have created a comprehensive brand identity that includes all the necessary graphic elements to consolidate the brand and communicate the defined value proposition in the targeted markets. Our approach involved the development of the brand's key assets, along with a comprehensive brand manual that takes into account both online and offline implementation. This strategy aims to establish a connection and foster engagement with our diverse stakeholders.


We developed a clear, strategic, and actionable growth plan for insigneo. We evaluated three potential options for the company and after weighed the pros and cons of each proposed scenario we selected the most suitable plan based on key variables that would enable them to achieve their growth goals.


In the initial phase, we conducted an in-depth analysis of each of the key audiences that insigneo needed to engage with. We carefully mapped out their communication requirements and evaluated the different channels and initiatives in use. This allowed us to provide a structured approach that would support insigneo's business ambition in both current and future markets. As part of this process, we defined brand attributes, content pillars, and a matrix of messages for each audience.


We supported the internal marketing team in structuring their processes and aligning roles to effectively implement and execute the strategic plans. Additionally, we developed content that helped generate awareness and positioned insigneo as industry experts. We also worked with them to define clear responsibilities for the successful execution of their marketing initiatives.

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