Semantix is a leading Brazilian company that specializes in Big Data, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. They have set their sights on conquering the US market by offering innovative and disruptive solutions and their main challenge was adapting their offer to make it competitive in the US market and connect effectively with their target audiences.

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Together with the Semantix Brazil team, we assessed the company's business goals and value proposition with regards to its plans to enter the US and Latin American markets. By identifying opportunities and mapping out a growth path, we were able to establish a plan that would allow Semantix to achieve its objectives in the short, medium, and long term.

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After establishing the growth path, our focus shifted to developing brand materials and key communications that would resonate with Semantix's target audiences in the new markets. A key challenge was identifying points of connection with consumers who had significantly different consumption habits than those in Brazil. Scalto served as a strategic ally and was responsible for translating basic materials, starting with the website. Together, we created new resources, channels, and specific messages that would drive the company's growth in the new markets.


As a new player in the markets of interest, we developed a customer journey that prioritized serving specific needs through various channels. This approach streamlined the implementation process and facilitated the execution of our defined strategy. By establishing implementation priorities and tactical actions, we were able to achieve accelerated consolidation in the markets and exceed the expectations of Semantix's headquartes in terms of growth.



For over a year, we served as Semantix's outsourced marketing team and were responsible for executing both strategic and tactical actions. Our efforts included launching, activating, and consolidating their digital channels as well as their offline presence at our own events and tradeshows. As a result, we were able to increase their awareness and engagement metrics among their target audiences, while also strengthening and growing the number of potential leads that entered the conversion funnel. Our team collaborated closely not only with the Brazilian marketing team but also with the local sales team, resulting in a successful execution of the marketing plan and tangible results.

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