Plan 3 steps ahead

The planning phase of business strategies is hard, and being realistic when doing so is even harder. 

At Scalto we work with the 3 steps ahead philosophy. The idea behind it is that we aim to envision the future, but stop short from getting overwhelmed in the process.

So in this frame of mind, how do you scale? Having a clear north, but planning short term.

This methodology applies for leadership teams and all over the organization.

In our case, we use  strategic planning sessions where we present 5 years, 3 years, 1 year and the quarterly goals.

💡Tip: We are fans of the EOS method of leading organizations, which helps you to plan this way.

Why do we use this methodology?

First of all we want to set attainable goals that are realistic and approachable steps. Secondly, you want to have a shared vision that we can accomplish together, without feeling that it may be too far into the future and we may not see it. This way, everyone involved is enjoying some wins in the process.

So, in summary, this is our scaling tip today: SET THE BIG PICTURE, but don’t worry about an action plan for the big picture, worry about the next 3 steps.

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