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A Thankful Brand Is Good For Business

The physiological and physical benefits of expressing gratitude in relation to our personal lives have been studied and proven for some time now. However, gratitude in the workplace and thru your brand and communications is not truly practiced in a widespread sense.   Brands and companies that show a strong purpose, and a meaningful connection […]
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Your customer journey is more than a cute graph

Think about your purchasing behavior: how many services have you reccomended in the last year? Why did you recommend them? Most probably the experience you had as a client before referring it to a friend not only made you feel well cared for, but you also felt that being a client of that company makes […]

Know How To Connect With Your Stakeholders Effectively.

Every marketing expert historically have told us that the first thing to do to achieve sales is to connect with the right target. However, that audience (humans at the end of the day) is bombarded by thousands of messages in a day. Nowadays, one single person receives between 3,000 and 5,000 advertising messages a day. […]

5 keys to define and align your team

Talent, especially post-pandemic, continues to be the main challenge for organizations, regardless of their size, around the world. Without aligned talent, scalability and a strong brand will always be an unachivable goal. We all know that a good team can achieve miracles, and a team with poor morale or a toxic culture not only decreases […]

Plan (only) three steps ahead

The planning phase of business strategies is hard, and being realistic when doing so is even harder.  At Scalto we work with the 3 steps ahead philosophy. The idea behind it is that we aim to envision the future, but stop short from getting overwhelmed in the process.  So in this frame of mind, how […]

La Gestión de Activos y de la que muchos no hablan

Muchas grandes empresas fomentan el “espíritu empresarial”. Sin embargo, la realidad de empezar una empresa de gestión de activos es diferente. En el episodio pasado llamado “From Corporate America to Entrepreneur: What many don’t talk about”, tuve como invitado a una persona que ha sido fundamental en el crecimiento de numerosas empresas: Habib Moudachirou. A […]

¿Cometes estos errores en tu institución financiera?

El marketing está enfocado en ayudar al consumidor al final del día. Suele estar entre el producto, el negocio y las ventas. Para tener éxito en este sector, las empresas son capaces de simplificar la información compleja, ya sea obteniendo puntos de datos esenciales de su organización o comunicando de manera sencilla. En uno de […]
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