Scalto has joined forces with A3SEC to refine their product offerings and brand messaging, with the ultimate goal of connecting more effectively with their key audiences. This strategic partnership aims to support A3Sec’s business objectives of establishing a stronger presence in the countries where they operate (Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Spain).

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Thought leadership and brand story 

We supported A3SEC in redefining their value proposition and brand identity. Our primary focus was to develop messaging that would resonate with their target audiences. To achieve this, we began by conducting an in-depth analysis of their key audience segments. One of our primary challenges was to redefine the role of CISOs within companies and emphasize the importance of cybersecurity in driving business growth.

Using our audience profiling methodology, we identified the key pillars of content and messages that would be most effective in engaging each target audience. With this information, we developed a comprehensive brand narrative and proposed a communication plan to guide the execution of the brand strategy.

Lead Generation

To facilitate the growth of A3Sec, Scalto assisted in the development of a streamlined and clarified service offering aimed at increasing lead generation. The primary challenge we faced was to create a clear and concise service offering based on the technical processes and different softwares A3Sec utilizes, emphasizing the benefits and value that clients would receive from A3Sec's services. Our goal was to create a comprehensive service offering that would resonate with the target audience and effectively communicate the value of A3Sec's services as a shielding company and not just an IT Support.

Customer Journey Design

We conducted a comprehensive customer journey analysis to identify critical touchpoints and pain points experienced by our targeted audience segments. Based on this analysis, we established strategic and tactical actions aimed at improving the customer experience and facilitating the journey for potential and existing customers.

To ensure the effectiveness of these actions, we established measurement processes and dashboards, which allowed them to track progress towards their objectives. By using this data-driven approach, we were able to achieve the desired outcomes and ensure that our efforts were focused on improving the customer journey.

Marketing Engine

We have been collaborating with A3Sec's internal marketing team for over a year, implementing our Marketing Engine Hands-On methodology to drive awareness and conversion. Our approach focused on developing efficient workflows and processes that would position A3Sec as thought leaders in the cybersecurity industry, while reinforcing their brand essence and key messaging.

Our efforts were centered around communicating the importance of cybersecurity in achieving business objectives and facilitating growth. By leveraging our marketing engine methodology, we were able to effectively execute strategic actions that helped establish A3ec's reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable cybersecurity provider.

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