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The evolution of a brand with an entrepreneurial spirit

The Universidad Metropolitana, one of the most recognized universities in Venezuela, that seeks to positively impact the country by guiding professionals who transform ideas into realities, is undergoing an internal transformation and needed to rethink its brand to accompany these changes.

Maintaining a strong legacy and reflecting its constant updating, closely integrated with the professional world and today's society.

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We worked hand in hand with the academic council and board of directors to understand the scope of the internal transformation planned by the university, the challenges faced and the trends in the educational category.

We defined a new north, business ambition and understood deeply the ley stakeholders, maintaining a strong link with its legacy and initial essence, updating it to these new times and dynamics.


Based on the agreed opportunity space and brand strategy, we defined the degree of change required by the brand: an evolution of the brand was approved by all internal stakeholders.

We maintained key elements associated to the brand (the orange color and the overall vertical shape with an U and M), and gave it a more modern and solid look, making it easier to apply on digital touch points, and creating a whole consistent visual system to apply throughout all its different communications. We also review the brand ecosystem and aligned the different subbrands.


We detailed all the new brand identity and ecosystem in a complete brand manual, to ensure the correct application of the brand throughout all touch points and from all departments.

A key piece to launch and communicate the new value proposition and identity was the website, that we redefined and reorganized completely to be able to attract new talents and future students, connect and support current students and teachers, and be able to project a strong and unique image of the university nationally and internationally.

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