A Thankful Brand Is Good For Business

The physiological and physical benefits of expressing gratitude in relation to our personal lives have been studied and proven for some time now. However, gratitude in the workplace and thru your brand and communications is not truly practiced in a widespread sense.

Brands and companies that show a strong purpose, and a meaningful connection to their stakeholders (employees, clients, target clients, and the community) have shown better performance in the long run.

The science behind it

Scientists have suggested that by activating the reward center of the brain, gratitude exchange alters the way we see the world and ourselves.

Dr. Alex Korb, in his book Upward Spiral mentioned that gratitude forces us to focus on the positive sides of life.

When we give and receive “thank you” notes, our brain is automatically redirected to pay attention to what we have, producing intrinsic motivation and a strong awareness of the present.

How do we connect it with your brand and communicate it? When a brand is authentically connected to its audience and shows true appreciation for their engagement, that ultimately leads to loyalty, engagement and impacts the bottom line in the long run. 

When practicing gratitude with your team and clients, they will be more productive, and loyal, and hopefully, demonstrate advocacy to attract new clients.

Ultimately, gratitude as a key ingredient in your brand and communications can lead to deeper connections to your clients, and to an enduring brand that drives growth.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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