Know How To Connect With Your Stakeholders Effectively.

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Every marketing expert historically have told us that the first thing to do to achieve sales is to connect with the right target.

However, that audience (humans at the end of the day) is bombarded by thousands of messages in a day.

Nowadays, one single person receives between 3,000 and 5,000 advertising messages a day.

Understanding who your customer is, what they need, whether they know it or not, is no longer a nice to have analysis done by marketing departments. It is a requirement, a must have, condition to thrive in the market.

It also goes beyond knowing the basic demographic data – the objective is to find what issues your brand has in common with your target, so that they feel that the product is custom-made for them. 

Today it doesn’t matter how old your average consumer is or where they live, the globalization of information breaks down traditional barriers and segmented content for different micro-niches is more relevant than ever.

TIP: To understand how you can connect with your audience, it is also key to understand how your competitors are trying to connect. Analyze your competitors and identify your opportunity space.

What should you know about your audience?

  • What motivates them in their daily life: Even if it is not related to your product, service or category.
  • What is their favorite social network: Knowing how they consume information is important not only to identify relevant topics but also format that connect.
  • What values ​​do they identify with? Remember that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it and how you make them feel. Understand what values ​​are important to your audience and become an active part in their cause.

In short, what do we recommend as an idea to scale? To aim to identify and really empathize with your target.