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We know it sounds cliche, but knowing WHY you are in business makes a huge difference to your bottom line. We see it time and again with the most successful brands: they know they are here to make a difference in the world, in the lives of their customers, or in the lives of their teams.

And we believe that knowing your why can truly propel your growth. 

Why start with WHY? 

Most companies say they know their WHY. But when truly pressed, we have found that either they don’t truly buy it and it's just standing as a nice vision statement on the wall, or they didn’t really get to their true WHY (their passion), which is honestly, not easy to reach.

Getting to the true WHY is something that requires emotional intelligence, which to be honest, not all leaders have. And getting to the why requires you to be fearless and driven by something bigger than money.

Fearless in imagining a world that is very different from the one you are in now.

And driven by something else, that believe or not, everyone has it. It is just hard to find.

💡TIP: If you cannot get to your WHY after asking it 3 times, we generally ask: what makes you angry? 

The truth is that pioneers like Toms (buy one, give back one pair of shoes) started in a moment in which they were going against every business intuition and the way you do business, but the founders had a true belief and desire to make an impact that drove their business model and made it that much easier to gain traction behind it, from all stakeholders involved.

So WHY do WE at Scalto start on the WHY? Because it’s this passion that helps the business in the long run and helps others believe in the idea and put their efforts behind it.

And one extra tip, once you find your WHY, it’s not easy as pie. Implementation requires grit and many, many other aptitudes. However, it is just easier to focus when you know what you know and the reason behind it.

So next time you sit down to plan, just take one deep breath and make sure you start with WHY.

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