Top 3 tools to make your team and workflow aligned and efficient

We all set goals when a new cycle begins and 2023 is no exception. But meeting those goals is another story.

TIP: Remember that when setting goals, they must be strategic and achievable in the long term but tactical and actionable in the short term.

To achieve organizational goals, it is key that all the elements of the equation (internal team, clients, allies, resources, etc.) are aligned and above all, use technology as a facilitator and enhancer on your day-to-day.

However, it is common to find organizations lost in their software, or with large technology implementation projects that, at the end of the day, no one uses.

Some tools that actually work

Here are some of our recommendations of tools we use, to give a try and finally execute those big audacious goals that you are setting:

  1. Asana: It is a project manager software that allows you to follow up on your action plan on a day-to-day basis without losing sight of the big picture. Create projects according to work teams and assign tasks with execution dates to ensure that you are always taking the small steps that will lead you to achieve the big goals.
  2. Hubspot: It is a very complete tool that has a free version that will allow you to generate emails for your contacts, landing pages for campaigns and manage your conversion funnel in a simple and integrated way.
  3. Workana/Fiverr: It is a very useful talent market for when you need some capacity that you do not currently have in your team. You can hire by project or specific need and quickly and efficiently execute a task that may be wearing out your team without knowing it.

Finally, make sure you don’t spend money on technology and tools, but INVEST in them. What does that mean? They should be an investment that ultimately translates into goals that are achieved and more efficient processes.

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