Your customer journey is more than a cute graph

Think about your purchasing behavior: how many services have you reccomended in the last year? Why did you recommend them?

Most probably the experience you had as a client before referring it to a friend not only made you feel well cared for, but you also felt that being a client of that company makes you look good in front of others.

The client experience goes far beyond the product or service you sell.

The customer journey and the construction of client perception includes absolutely all of the touch ponits/communication that you have as a brand/company with your targets, prospects, customers and loyal customer who become your brand ambassadors.

What does that include?

From your ads, posts on social media, your onboarding process and your communications, to your service process.

The traditional phases of the customer journey (Awareness, Consideration, Purchase, Onboarding, Retention and Loyalty) are considered as a lineal and perfect flow in which customers enter and pass from one phase to another without major barriers. However, building an experience map should not only consider the phases but also the channels and the jumps that a client takes forward or even backwards, and above all, evaluations of where the major drop of contacts happens in the process.

TIP: By implementing a simple CRM, you can evaluate in which phase most of your leads are “stuck” and work on communications and actions to move them forward.

What do you need to build your customer journey map?

  • Knowing who is your ideal client
  • Knowledge of the category
  • Identifying key channels and messages
  • Attention to detail!

In summary, consider your customer journey not only as a graph but as your road map to decide where you should be focusing. Use it even as your guide to constantly evaluate and review the actions you take. This will make your marketing and servicing that much more efficient.

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