Let's use Artificial Intelligence to improve customer service, not worsen it.

If we talk to a CEO or COO today, automation of customer service is music to their ears: you can optimize processes by up to 90%, decrease inquiries, and lower costs.But a question arises: can artificial intelligence completely replace the human component in customer service?

Clearly, one of the most critical areas and that generates greater pressure for companies is customer service areas. So, it is logical to delegate this operation to tools such as chatbots, virtual channels, and other artificial intelligence tools that in many cases automatically handle more than 80% of requirements.

However, in many cases, artificial intelligence, instead of being a facilitator, becomes a barrier that distances customers from brands, cooling relationships and leading to a negative experience that breaks the customer journey.

The goal: to use technology to improve service, not just make it more efficient.

One of the main benefits of implementing artificial intelligence in customer service is the ability to respond quickly to customer questions in real-time, regardless of the time of day. This significantly improves customer satisfaction, as they receive an immediate response, provided it is correctly constructed. In addition, chatbots and other virtual assistants can perform repetitive and routine tasks, freeing up human staff to focus on more complex issues.Another important benefit is that artificial intelligence can process large amounts of data to offer personalized solutions and recommendations to customers. AI can analyze purchase histories and customer behaviors to provide personalized recommendations and promotions, increasing the chances of additional sales and consumer satisfaction. This not only benefits the company but also improves the customer experience by making them feel that the company understands their needs and cares about them.

TIP: analyze deeply your customer journey and identify the points where AI really becomes an ally and not a frustration for the customer.

It is common nowadays for customers seeking help to fall into an infinite spiral of digital channels, virtual assistance, and pre-programmed artificial intelligence and start bouncing without finding a solution.Another important aspect of the customer service experience is the feeling of being listened.

Customers want to feel that their problems and concerns are important to the company and that they are working to solve them effectively. In some cases, artificial intelligence may be able to provide quick solutions, but customers may feel that their concerns are not being fully addressed.

TIP: Every investment in technology must be equated with investment in the human factor. Building into your service the ability to quickly reach a person if that is what the customer wants is the great differentiator that every first-line company in customer experience now has.

In conclusion, it is essential to find a balance between technology and the human factor to provide a satisfactory and effective customer service experience. Technology should be viewed as a complementary tool for human staff, rather than an exclusive solution. The connection with the customer must always come first, in the way they seek it

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